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Reduce Temperature Differences in Garages with Door Insulation

Homeowners and property managers in Howell, Michigan, benefit greatly from having their garage doors insulated by the skilled team at Ace Garage Door Repair. With our correct installation of garage door insulation, your furnace and air conditioner will not only operate more efficiently, reducing monthly heating and cooling costs, but also rooms connected to the garage or above it will become quieter and more comfortable. Additionally, garage door weatherproofing helps compensate for imperfections in the concrete and keeps out snow and rain.

Proper Installation Matters

Featuring a factory finish that enhances the overall curb appeal of residential properties, insulation panels give your garage door a high R-value, which measures the ability to resist heat coming through a particular material. In the end, your garage door looks like it was originally built with the new panels, compared to do-it-yourself foam or bulky fiberglass-style glue-in insulation.

Some homeowners try the do-it-yourself kits and discover the insulation has the possibility of making the door too heavy for the current tension on their springs. After installing new insulation panels and bottom exterior weatherstripping, we rebalance your garage door to factory specifications and conduct a complete safety check. This ensures everything is working as it should.